Close the communication gap

Know where your people are. Know what they're facing. Provide the support they need

KnowHowHere moves personnel beyond situational awareness to situational understanding by delivering real-time, location, role and task specific intelligence to your workforce.

Location Technology

Modern smart devices support a range of technologies for location sensing. From GPS to low power technologies such as RFID and Bluetooth, to passive technologies such as QR codes. These waypoints allow KnowHowHere to deliver the alerts, guidance and other location specific information people need as they move around your facilities.

Location Intelligence - Personnel

Based on their location and proximity to equipment personnel are provided with the precise information they need. While this 'just-in-time, just-in-place' information is always available - it becomes critical in an emergency such as a fire or intruder.


Location Intelligence - Management

The KnowHowHere Business Intelligence Platform gives incident controllers and facility managers a real time view of the location and status of every worker and asset, along with rapid tools to manage content delivery.


Systems Integration

The KnowHowHere API integrates with organisation and external systems to ensure data is correct and current - in both directions.