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KnowHow at the point of need...

KnowHowHere, the first App to give real world workers the on-the-spot KnowHow to perform every task safely and effectively.

Harness the power of the Internet of Things to put personalised, just-in-time learning, safety alerts and safety tools in the palm of every worker's hand.

Why? – KnowHowHere meets the three key challenges for any business whose workforce perform complex tasks in the real world: safety, productivity and training cost effectiveness.

What? –  KnowHowHere is a unique iOS and Android App that uses GPS based Geofencing and Bluetooth Beacons to provide personalised safety alerts, just-in-time learning and safety tools to workers.

How? – KnowHowHere uses the worker's location, their training records and other telemetry to push personalised alerts to their mobile device as well as allowing them to pull the exact KnowHow they need to perform the specific tasks required at their current location.

Rapid Deployment – The KnowHowHere solution can be deployed rapidly and at low cost. The App is freely downloadable to all workers and the setup is designed to quickly re-purpose your existing content.

While it can be deeply & seamlessly integrated with your safety and learning systems, being cloud-based, initial deployments are rolled out rapidly with minimal reliance on internal IT resources.

Our simple web-based reporting and visualisation tools for managers make it easy to monitor and manage the effectiveness of your KnowHow.