Know where your people are

Real-time attendance tracking

Know your people are at the right place, at the right time, with the right competencies


With KnowHowHere Work Access, one simple App allows you to manage and monitor who is where on your site. Employees, contractors, and visitors can be located and managed according to your business needs.


Swipe cards are like pagers – a once great tool that has simply been replaced by modern technology. Location technologies like Bluetooth, GPS, RFID and QR readers in every mobile phone mean that the Work Access App does everything the card does – better, more securely and at a far lower cost.



The App can replace or work alongside your existing infrastructure.

  • Defined entry points such as gates are fitted with configurable Bluetooth Beacons that trigger the App and validate the user.

  • Broader areas are geofenced and users crossing in or out also trigger the App and validate them.



  • Zero infrastructure costs

  • Arrivals & Departures are automatically captured

  • Workers missing required permissions are identified

  • Contractors' time on site is tracked

  • Works anywhere - including access to areas with no power

  • Cost - a fraction of the setup and license expense of legacy systems