Decision support for field leaders

Real-time situational understanding

KnowHowHere moves personnel beyond situational awareness to situational understanding by delivering real-time, location, role and task specific intelligence to field personnel.

Location Technology

KnowHowHere harnesses the location sensing capabilities of modern smart devices to identify where your people are and what equipment they are near.

Location Intelligence - Personnel

Based on their location and proximity to equipment personnel are provided with the precise information they need for the task at hand. 

While radio calls and SMS are temporal and can be missed, our geolocated KnowHow and Alerts are persistent and always available at the location to which they apply, whether you are in the area when they are issued or you enter after.


Location Intelligence - Management

The KnowHowHere Business Intelligence Platform gives incident managers a real time view of the location and status of every deployed worker and asset, along with rapid tools to manage content delivery.


Systems Integration

The KnowHowHere API integrates with organisation and external systems to ensure data is correct and current - in both directions.