Decision support for field leaders

Process Guidance Solution

KnowHowHere connects the worker with exactly the information the need to perform and log every task safely and efficiently.


Research shows that injuries occur when workers fail to follow the correct process – often because guidance is not available. KnowHowHere puts that guidance in the palm of their hand.



Operator error is the largest cause of loss of productivity in the Australian workplace and the majority of these cases occur when workers simply forget or skip key steps.

With KnowHowHere, errors are removed as workers have the right information every time.



With KnowHowHere Active Checklists, every task can be captured, timestamped and geolocated giving managers the critical evidence that tasks are completed correctly



The key to KnowHowHere is using multiple location technologies to connect the guidance with the correct location. This includes:

  • GPS – all of site or larger areas can have guidance geotagged to each area (& personalised by role)

  • Bluetooth – mobile plant can use tiny Bluetooth beacons so that the guidance is triggered by proximity

  • RFID – in scenarios where neither GPS or Bluetooth are possible, RFID can provide the trigger for geotagged guidance