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KnowHow at the point of need...


KnowHowHere is the latest project from a team that started working together in 1997 with a vision to use new digital learning technologies to improve performance and reduce costs.

In 2016 after two decades of researching, innovating and developing in the 'traditional' eLearning space, David and Andrew decided it was time to really focus on the 'elephant in the room' - the reality that learners simply forget almost all of what's delivered using traditional, single-point learning.

Surely with the technologies of 2017 we could do more than replicate the classroom online?

After a lengthy research process, we identified an intersection between need (workers who need KnowHow where & when they need it), the pedagogy (personalised, just-In-time learning) and the technology (mobile devices and location services).

David and Andrew then established KnowHowHere and assembled a team of specialist contributors to develop the KnowHowHere App.

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David Hegarty

Director and Chief Learning Officer

David is well known internationally as a leading innovator in learning technology.  He has a strong research background combined with the commercial experience of providing cost-effective solutions to learning challenges in all sectors.

Since founding Australia’s first dedicated Digital Learning Research Centre (CADRE) at the University of Western Sydney in 1997, David has been the strategic, commercial and learning lead on over $40m of digital learning projects for major Australian and global clients in both the education and corporate sectors: NAB, Suncorp, CGU, IAG, Macquarie Bank, ATO, Xtrata, Rio Tinto,  Pearson Higher Education & Cengage.  He has provided learning technology strategies for diverse organisations such as ANZ, Navitas, Western Sydney University, Rogen SI, and Rio Tinto.

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Andrew Smith

Director and Chief Technology Officer

For over 20 years Andrew has been at the leading edge of online learning and training technologies. Specialising in innovative information delivery, and content management solutions, Andrew has designed and delivered over $20 million dollars worth of content and technical solutions for the US and Australian Markets.

By researching, mastering and harnessing new technologies, Andrew has consistently been able to give his clients not only the best possible solution to their needs, but a competitive advantage over the competition.

Andrew has developed solutions and provided consulting services for a wide range of companies and organisations, including Macquarie Bank, Rio Tinto, Glencore, Navitas, Cengage, Pearson Education, ASX and the Australian Government.