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The pilot is approach is designed to allow organisations to accurately evaluate the effectiveness of location-based, just-in-time Learning (JIT) using the KnowHowHere Platform.

Success metrics

Will be defined in discussion with client but typically include:

  • Engagement – user interactions
  • Feedback– based on survey of learners/managers
  • Business outcomes – depending on implementation look at cost savings

Target area

We recommend a target area with the following characteristics:

  • Workplace with a high risk of injury or productivity loss if operator makes errors
  • Workers need to perform tasks that require some detailed processes
  • Workers have access to either their own devices or a company supplied tablet


Users - the number of users isn’t critical but we suggest 100-200 users to get an effective spread of user types. 

Area -  this depends on the industry – any site that has fixed and/or mobile equipment and either a WiFi or mobile network will work.

Content- we’d recommend an area with 20-50 total KnowHow locations including:

  • Overall site
  • Known high risk areas
  • Fixed plant
  • Mobile plant

(Note- we expect users to nominate additional items/processes during the pilot to develop content for.)


We normally expect that the setup (including working with you on adapting/creating content and integration with LMS will take 4-6 weeks.  Then a 3-6 month test period with users followed by short evaluation stage.


The success metrics will be defined during the scoping stage however we recommend some key evaluation points during the pilot:

  • Technical integration – how did the SAP or other LMS integration work?
  • Initial content –  effort/quality/scope/cost etc. of adapting or creating new content.
  • Platform access –  how easy was it for users to access the App/bandwidth etc.
  • 4 weeks after launch (Early stage user response) –  check in with the initial group to identify any technical or content issues.
  • End of pilot – full evaluation of outcomes against objectives and technical issues.


The budget has four components:

1. Hardware- this is limited to the required number of Beacons.  KnowHowHere will supply and program the Beacons ready for the client to locate. For the pilot we assume battery operated Beacons. Typically a pilot is approximately 30 Beacons @ $50 per beacon so total of  $1500

2. The platform license, this is based on a per seat model with monthly costs according to number of users.

  • 100 – 500 users = $10/month user. For a typical pilot of 100 users for 6 months that would be $9,000

3. Content support, for this stage the key elements are:

  • Consulting support to identify processes/tasks and identify optimal content
  • Adapting current content or creating new (or support with templates and examples to create)
  • Linking content to locations (or support for client to do this using the Author App)

For a typical project with 20-50 KnowHow points this is about 10-15 days effort so about $12,000 – $18,000+ T&E

5. Optional system integration, for the pilot we can simply host all content on our server and manage the users.  This defers the effort/cost of integration until after the pilot. We can manage users and their existing records via CSV upload.  However, if API integration is required for the pilot and will be quoted in collaboration with the client IT and LMS managers.  The two key components are:

  • Integrating the platform with the client LMS/IT environment
  • SAP or other LMS connector

This would need to be quoted in discussion with client LMS and IT.  KnowHowHere uses industry standard APIs however the specific implementation with SAP etc can vary.