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KnowHow at the point of need...



Proactively alerting workers to nearby or new hazards is a key safety benefit of KnowHowHere.

Knowing the exact location of every worker and every hazard allows KnowHowHere to provide personalised, relevant alerts and short instructions about how to respond.  

KnowHowHere cuts through the 'noise' of the overloaded safety environment.


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KnowHowHere is always running in the background, so even if people aren't actively using it they will still receive alerts. 

Alerts can also be configured to be audible only for situations where distractions from the task at hand is undesirable.


Created as the need arises (such as storms or equipment failure). They allow workers to be notified of risks at their current location - weather, breakdowns, danger spots etc.

These alerts can be based on Geofencing - alerting anyone entering the GPS bounded area, or by Beacons, so anyone crossing a gate or other threshold will be alerted. 


KnowHowHere integrates with employee training systems and can alert people based on their current competencies.

For example, if someone is about to enter an area or access a piece of equipment for which they are not certified, KnowHowHere can warn them.


For sites where there are specific exposure considerations the App can track a worker's cumulative time in a designated area. This can then trigger an alert to the user if a threshold is exceeded and provide an auditable record for OHS.

KnowHow at the point of need

For workers, the key to KnowHowHere is the immediate access it provides to the KnowHow they need to perform their duties safely and efficiently. KnowHowHere is person and context aware, so a plant operator will see different information to a plant mechanic.

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Even an experienced operator may not be familiar with every pre-start process for every piece of equipment. Pre-start checklists can show them the steps (accompanied by images or video) and record that they have completed it - along with the time and location.  


With all the processes that need to be followed there are always details from training that get forgotten. KnowHow can be anything from a simple list, through to a short course or video or a fully interactive 3D model.


Aside from the formal process, often other team members will have some tips that can lead to improved safety or productivity and these can be easily captured and shared with everyone via the App.


Although in most cases the user is accessing the quick content, there are also times when accessing the PDF versions of manuals and other documents can be of value.

KnowHowHere can link link people to any document or resource with a URL.

Workplace safety tools

Interactive, location-based tools replacing paper based safety versions.

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Many workplaces have standard safety tools such as a 'Take 5' situational awareness and a Hazard Reporting forms. These are slow to fill in, easy to lose and difficult to access - both for workers and supervisors.

By integrating these and other tools into the App we gain significant productivity and safety advantages including:


As the App already knows the worker's name, location & the time it can pre-populate a number of form fields automatically.  Unlike paper forms it's always available and requires no pen.


As the form is instantly uploaded from wherever the user is, there's no time wasted in handing it in.


Supervisors can access completed forms and action them instantly from their device or computer without the manual handling of paper.


Because the App delivered forms are all securely and rapidly handled, safety is improved.


A good example here is the Hazard reporting feature. The user can take a photo of the hazard and the App will include this with the location when it uploads. This ensures that the hazard can be accurately located for rapid remediation.