Frequently Asked Questions

What about workers’ privacy concerns?

The KnowHowHere App is deliberately designed to protect worker privacy.  Location data is only tracked while they are within a designated work area. Even when the App is running the background when they are outside the workplace, no data is captured or stored.  Data on their interactions on the worksite are stored securely in accordance with Australian privacy standards.


What do I need to run it?

Any normal Smart Phone or tablet– Android and iOS.  The App is freely downloadable from the relevant store and then users have a standard username and password login. For Windows devices a custom App will be available.


I’m a contractor who works for multiple organisations, do I need multiple Apps?

No, each company issues its own token for the App so you will only ever see the alerts and KnowHow for the site you’re currently working at.

We want to keep our operational information secure, can it be accessed by anyone with the App?

The information is doubly secure – firstly, it’s only available to a worker with an authorised username/password for your company & secondly, it’s only available while they are physically on one of the company’s sites.


Parts of our site have no network coverage at all – will it still work?

Yes, all the Alerts and KnowHow (except video clips) is stored locally on the device and updated whenever it comes into network range.  Because the GPS and Beacons don’t require a data network, users will still get the KnowHow and Alerts – the only exception is any updates that happened since they were last in range.  Any HazOps or Take 5’s will be stored and automatically uploaded when a network is detected. 

Will it flatten my battery quickly like a turn-by-turn navigation App?

No, the App is carefully designed to minimise battery usage. Battery usage depends on many factors but KnowHowHere can tell when you’re not on the worksite and automatically goes into low power mode until you return to work.


Our IT integration processes are extremely rigorous – how hard/slow will it be to integrate KnowHowHere?

The KnowHowHere team have extensive experience with LMS, ERP and safety systems integration and have designed a model to minimise the effort and cost.  While it can be very tightly integrated, initially we recommend a model that avoids the need for direct access to current systems.